Friday, October 2, 2015

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9 months

daryl went for his usual vaccination at the nearest KKIA and was found to have a big head. His head circumference was 43cm when he was 6 months old and suddenly increases to 47cm. Daddy was as usual worried about his head. He was on call and PIL had to bring daryl to visit Dr Liew in KPJ. Dr Liew wanted to take his thyroid function test but decided not to do so after he realised that daryl's veins are not visible. He had too much of baby fat in his hands. Since his development is up to date (well he can crawl now) and MIL claimed that cafu used to have a big head, we have decided to just follow him up for big head. Sorry daryl. mummy promised you that there will be no vaccination today but since we were already in Dr Liew's clinic.............daddy suggested to jab you with influenza vaccine. you cried as usual

daryl went for his first ever haircut on 28/10/15. there was not much hair to trim but MIL said better to trim the long ones so that he will be less manja. well it didn't work. he is still a manjalitis. he cried during the hair cut too.

we celebrated daryl's first mooncake festival with a minion lantern and a dragon lantern. It was his lai ku's bday too. we had an ice cream cake

mummy started work on 1/10/15. i have been telling daryl that nen nen is leaving you and will be back at 5pm. Daryl has been refusing fruits & cereals for breakfast since then. He just wants porridge and takes very minimal of frozen breast milk. Just 2 - 3 oz per feed. Mummy is so worried that daryl will go into dehydration. I have to rush home during lunch hour just to direct latch my lil baby and to pump milk. he cried when he sees me at the doorstep and wants me to carry him. He cried even more when i told him that i need to bathe first. he will just cling to me like a koala bear after my bath. i can't even have my dinner. daryl wakes up early too when i go to work

That's daddy selfie with daryl while I'm at work. 

daryl started to poo poo in the potty. He will stand up once he is done with his poo poo

i hope that daryl will still love me even thou I'm working. my heart will break if he prefers MIL more than me. 

Daryl, mummy loves you so much

Thursday, July 23, 2015

6 month

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Started daryl on solids. i bought the avent steamer cum blender and it was awesome. i love it to the max. At least i don't have to be in the kitchen all the time while waiting for his veg meals to steam. 
I normally pump some fresh BM to dilute his cereals while waiting for the steamer to beep. i must thank Jacy for getting me his cereals all the way from singapore. She gave me healthy times brown rice cereals and HIPP rice cereals. HIPP rice cereals is sweeter and daryl prefers it more than brown rice. I bought him another box of healthy times oatmeal cereals too.

daryl doesn't like any food which is green in colour. He dislikes avocado, sweet peas, french beans and broccoli. He will stick his tongue out and said euuukkkkkkk whenever i force him to eat avocado. Since avocado is rich in fat and is important for the myelination of his neurons, i have determined to mix a lil bit of avocado in his puree. MIL said i abuse him with avocado since it really tastes bad. But i don't care. I want my boy to eat avocado.

He is a fruit lover. He normally finished the whole bowl of fruit puree. I practice baby led weaning. He grabs his bendable avent spoon with his left hand and scoop the food inside his lil mouth with his right fingers. He will suck his fingers and sometimes rub the puree all over his face. Cheepy has been advising me not to let him eat that way. The puree will cause rashes over the face. I am a very OCD mother. I can't stand seeing rashes on my boy's face too. I want him to enjoy his meals. So, i allow messiness and cleaning is done only after he finished his meals.

I have tried the following recipes
sweet potatoes
sweet potato with carrots
apricot + banana
apricot +  pear
apple + pear
banana avocado
peachy avocado
sweet peas
pumpkin + sweet peas
pumpkin + french beans
potato + carrot + french beans
apple + pear + avocado

I mixed his fruity meals with either rice cereals, brown rice or oatmeals. 
after one month of trying, i have accomplished my mission. he takes avocado and oatmeals which he hated so much.

His poo is becoming more solid and smellier too. 

baby daryl is learning how to take sips of water from a straw cup too.
can't wait to try him on other food
when mummy goes to work, daryl will have to eat the same veg meal for the day. kelian lorry

Thursday, May 28, 2015

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5 months old

I am going to work next month. But daryl refuses bottle feed. He cries so badly when we attempted bottle feeding. I wonder whether it was the fishy smell of lipase that he dislikes from the frozen milk. He still prefers to latch from my nen nen.  At times, he had bounced out from the bouncing net when MIL bottle feed him. sometimes, he just spit the milk out and rather go on a hunger strike. I had try to change to a bigger avent teat. but it is to no avail. I have kept about 70 milk bottles in the deep freezer for him. I hope he will not waste them. Afterall, it is mummy's hard work.

He can now flip from his back to lie on his tummy. Daryl cries for help when he can't roll backwards. He can now suck his fingers and i believe he is an extremely talkative boy. I have started showing him flash cards and reading him bedtime stories. I wonder how much he understands but i just want his brain cells to be stimulated.

I brought him to the hospital 2 days ago to see Dr Tang. he had this very bad eczema on his right cheek which doesn't resolve with HCT. I was a bit worried that he has tinea incognito as there is areas of central clearing with a very active margins. Thank god scapping were negative for tinea. Dr Tang upgraded his steroid to emulate and it shows some tremendous improvement. Dr T asked me what is my plan. I told him that i am planning to extend my leave as nobody can take care of daryl. Meh meh decided not to take care of him due to back pain and leg pain. MIL has a business to handle. Daryl has stranger anxiety too. He goes berserk when meh meh carries him. Dr T seems to be very understanding. He told me to take my time. 

Mom suggested juli to take care of daryl but i don't feel good about it. Probably i am over protective towards my son. I really want to go to work but hubby said i cannot handle baby, work and exam at the same time

so daryl, mummy is going to extend her leaves for another 3 months just to take care of you. I am worried that you will be very cranky as you are already teething. Going to start you on solids next month. mummy is getting excited

Thursday, January 1, 2015

day 11 of life

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Happy new year!!!! The best achievement for 2014 is having baby chipsmore. 

I washed my hair today. words just can't describe how comfortable it is to have warm water and shampoo running thru my itchy scalp. unfortunately, i am down with fever after the shower. most probably it is due to breast engorgement.

I visited chipsmore in the hospital this morning. He seems to be very comfortable until the photo light. The nurse said that he doesn't sleep from 3 - 6 am. He was crying for feeds. My baby can now drink upto 3 ounces of milk.

my new year resolution : to be a good mummy and to pass PACES 

day 10 of life

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Baby chipsmore is still jaundiced. All the way upto his lower limbs. hubby took him to KK buntong to check his bilirubin level again. This time it is above photo level. Since ward 6C in GH is terribly congested with babies, i have decided to admit him to KPJ to prevent cross infection. I called Ang prior to admission to choose the best doctor for him. I chose Dr LSF (Dr K's husband) to take care of him. According to Dr LSF, Chips is having deep jaundice. He needs to be admitted for phototherapy. the risk factor for his jaundice : mother O positive blood group, forceps delivery and GDM.

I gave him direct breast feeding before going home. I really wanted to roomed in with him but mother in law and hubby insisted that i should rest at home. Hubby will send the expressed breast milk to him. I felt so sad to leave chipsmore in the nursery. I could still remember his eyes before i dumped him there. I missed him so badly that i cried once i reached home.

I felt like everything has been my fault. Probably i am suffering from post partum blues. Mum said that how can i missed the jaundice when she can noticed it. Why never check bilirubin for 2 days? mother in law said my baby has jaundice cause i took too much ginger. Again... i feel like everybody is blaming me for his jaundice. I felt very depressed and hopeless at this point of time. Worst is spending new year eve without my baby by my side. I hope that he can be discharged home soon.

Tuesday, December 30, 2014

day 9 of life

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Charmaine yi yi came to visit chipsmore today. It was fun seeing how charmaine try to carry chipsmore. She sang him ABC song and started rocking him. She claims that chipsmore is too heavy for her to carry. So, as time goes by, she leaned backwards and backwards. She nearly dropped Chips when Chips gave a loud fart.

I have decided to name chipsmore DARYL LAU KAI XIANG.

Since chipsmore is made in paris during our honeymoon, Daryl suits him. Daryl means beloved or little darling in french. Kai Xiang means able to fly high. Just don't understand why in laws still prefer ming feng. But i refuse to name my baby that.

Chips is gaining weight. Getting more active and alert. He knows how to cry for feed. He drinks so much of milk now until he wets his bed. Mamy Poko can no longer absorb his pee pee. Feeding was so difficult initially because he blocked his palate with his tongue. Now, he knows how to put his tongue down. He burps a lot too. he is also getting more puffy over his rosy cheeks.

day 6 of life

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Arghhh..... today has been the worst day of my confinement period. My breasts were so engorged. It was so painful. I can't even sleep in left lateral position. It just hurt everywhere. I tried to use medela to pump the milk but it was so engorged until nothing is flowing out. It must have been extremely oedematous that the ducts were compressed.

Mom came for visiting today with kupo. As usual, she commented that i have not been pumping enough. Then, I scream the very moment she pinches my right areola. I donno why but I feel that she is not understanding enough. She kept commenting that my milk is so little. I cried after she left.

On the contrary, hubby has been very supportive. He bought me cold compress from manjaku mall. He said money doesn't matter. I cried to sleep. feeling depressed that i don't have enough milk for chipsmore. feeling scared that i will get fever when milk can't be expressed. I also cry because i felt touched with what cafu has done to support me. I just love you so much bao bei.

With the cold compress, the pain subsided. The confinement lady gave me some warm water to massage my breasts. Milk started flowing out again and phew............what a relief

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